Scribblenauts Remix


Scribblenauts was developed by 5th Cell exclusively for Nintendo DS. This puzzle became very popular because it lets players be more imaginative in solving the levels. They are not only able to use things that they see around the game, but they can also summon any objects that they would like to use like animals, vehicles, tools and more. As long as the word is on the built-in dictionary, it can be used on the game. The second installment of the game was then released, which was called Super Scribblenauts. With this version, players can use adjectives together with the noun when summoning. Today, you don’t need to have Nintendo to play the game. If you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can download Scribblenauts Remix from the Apple Apps Store, which is the game version compatible with iOS devices.


Scribblenauts for iOS Devices


This application can be purchased for $0.99. It initially comes with 50 levels of puzzles to complete. There are 5 worlds with 10 levels each. However, worlds and levels are continuously being added. More than 40 extra levels are now available, which you can get by purchasing a World Pass. This is available for another $0.99. But this is only a one time purchase for the updates as all future additional levels and upgrades will be free. Complete each puzzle by getting the starite (star) on each level. Summon objects that you think would help you complete the challenge. You can play in adventure mode or puzzle mode. If playing in adventure mode, you need to find your way to get to the starite. If playing the puzzle mode, you will be given a task or objective that you need to do in order to move to the next level.


How to Play the Game


The character’s name in this game is Maxwell. There will be a tutorial that will tell you how the game is played when you start the application. Follow the tutorial until you are ready to start level 1 of World 1. Complete the tasks for the puzzle mode and get the starites for the adventure mode to finish the levels. Initially, there are 5 worlds to play with 10 levels each. But as mentioned, you can open more worlds and levels if you get a World Pass, which is an in-app purchase. Aside from the regular puzzles, there are also 46 achievements that you can complete. You can also continue playing on different devices with the use of iCloud. If your iPhone runs out of battery life and you have an iPad, you can use this to continue where you have left the game. Want to brag about the unique object you created? Capture images on the game and share them to your friends via Twitter or Facebook. If you are using iPhone 4s or iPhone 5, you have the additional feature to create objects with voice command. That’s right. You don’t even have to type the object you wish to summon as you just have to say it, and like magic, it would appear. Tap or drag on the objects you created to use them in solving the puzzles.