Scribblenauts Online

Hello and Welcome to our Scribblenauts Online Community!

Howdy there young Scribbler! Care to join Maxwell in an epic quest to solve countless of puzzles, riddles and other mysteries? Scribblenauts is a dynamic puzzle solving game, in which you face a different task in every new level you encounter. Your objective is to summon the tools, animals or utilities you need to solve the puzzle, and you can do in a variety of ways. Want to glue a microwave to a Kangaroo’s forehead? Piece of cake!

Summon Away, Mighty Summoner!

Scribblenauts uses a very cool physics engine to imitate the sense of gravity to give the game play more authenticity. In the game, objects can fall or tumble like they would in real life, in perfect accordance with their real-life mass and speed. The beauty about this game, is that you can do virtually anything – summon any tool you want to help you solve the stage. For instance, you may play the neighborhood hero by opting to save a poor cat from the tree. Sure, you can summon a ladder and climb on it safely, but that’s boring. How about ordering a samurai sword to chop the tree down, or summoning an axe or better yet, a cool hacksaw! Yup, the name of the game is land of possibilities!

Adjective and Adjectives!

To summon things, you simply have to type them in as words during the games. For instance, you can summon a T-rex, or a Zombie. The cool thing about Scribblenauts is that you can add adjectives together such as “Zombie T-Rex” or even “Pregnant Zombie T-Rex” and the result will be – you guessed it a mighty Pregnant Zombie Tyrannosaurs Rex. Experiment and investigate, there are literally thousands of possible combinations, if not tens of thousands! Surely, not a doll moment in this epic game!

Solve a Variety of Puzzles

Among the stages you have to pass are some orthodox levels such as saving a cat from the tree, exterminating a room full of filthy rats and ranging all the down to straight down wacko levels which we won’t mention to keep you under suspense. So if you want to kill some time, and have a good laugh, or if you are having a creative mood definitely give Scribblenauts a go, you won’t be bored that’s for certain!